When Is The Right Time To Get Back In The Groove After Having A C-Section?

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For a lot of women that have had a C-section, sex is usually the last thing on their minds, despite the fact that they didn’t push a baby out of their vagina. For a lot of women, sleepless nights and a crying infant don’t exactly make a good environment for a sexual romp.

More so, the fact that a lot of women find their hormones out of control, results in them feeling literally not having the urge for sex. The flood of maternal hormones that enter the system aid in bonding of mother to baby, and generally suppresses the desire for sex for the first few weeks or so.

But one day, that urge to have sex will come back again. The obstacle that however comes next is how safe it is to have sex yet? After all, a C-section is similar to having a serious surgery. That’s why you’ll have to take some precautions before getting horizontal.

How Soon Should You Have Sex After A C-section?
Experts agree that it is best for women to plan to stay off sex for six to eight weeks. The most important reason for this is due to the fact that you just had major surgery, which cuts through all the layers of the abdomen to reach the uterus. All of those layers, especially the muscular layers need to heal before you have sex.

Sex is a workout or exercise routine that recruits your core, and you need to give it time to repair. Moreover, the uterus is also a muscle, which when it’s still enlarged and you have an orgasm, it could lead to cramping through the release of certain hormones that stimulate it.

Also, vigorous activity can re-open an incision, which would require you to stop whatever you are doing and immediately see your doctor.

What Should You Do If Sex Is Very Uncomfortable?
Since a baby didn’t come out of your vagina, there is a very high possibility of you feeling the same way during intercourse. But your core may feel sore initially, which is entirely normal.

With that being said, it is important that you pay attention to how you’re feeling during sex. If you feel uncomfortable, just stop. Sex should be pleasurable, otherwise, it’s just not worth it. If you find yourself in these shoes, the best thing to do is to wait another week before trying again.

What Sex Positions Are The Safest?
Experts suggests that The best sex position for a woman healing from a C-section is the “lateral vaginal rear entry” but you can call it spooning sex. Lay on your sides with him behind you as the big spoon.

This position is best simply because there is no pressure from missionary and you don’t have to flex your abs like you do when you’re on top.

However, it is important to remember that there is a possibility of getting pregnant again almost immediately, when you start having sex. This is because a woman’s fertility returns shortly after birth.

If you are in doubt, check with your doctor. You can discuss birth control, postpartum issues, or problems with your C-section recovery with them

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