VIDEO: Shugatiti Still Hasn’t Gotten Any Man To Fvck Her And Open A Restaurant For Her After Years Of Going N*de – What A Wasted Sperm


And the award for this year’s wasted sperm goes to slay queen, Shugatiti! Congratulations to her and her dead brains.#

Last year, Moesha Buduong was sitting on top of the wasted sperm list but she vanished from the list after building a 5-bedroom mansion kind courtesy of one rich idiot who obviously has a lot of money to throw around because of pxxy.

On this website, mincing words is highly offensive and unacceptable—so we say it as it and we can confidently say without being remorseful that Shugatiti is a wasted sperm.

After all these years of showing her n*ked self on Instagram, she still hasn’t gotten any man to open a restaurant for her.

But wait, who in his right senses would spend thousands of dollars to open a restaurant for this slut—all because of a 10 to 15 minutes enjoyment?

Below is an interview of Shugatiti saying that any man who wants to date her should first open a restaurant for her. This is the same slut who claimed that she charges men $5,000 before sleeping with them—but sadly, her car is her legs.

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