Singer & songwriter Abiola cruise speaks about his EP and future plans in an Interview

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Ogastreet: Let’s meet you sir. Hello, I’m Abiola Cruise Ogastreet: what inspired you to make music I’d say Growing up with parents who are music lovers, they listened to different genres and different artists. From Michael Jackson to Bob Marley’s Reggae music to Ayuba, Barristers Fuji music And even Celine Dion’s soul captivating renditions. So that really made me fall in love with music and it’s stuck with me. Singing started when I joined my church choir, and formed different acapella groups.. Ogastreet: How long have you been in the…

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Behold! Africa Welcomes 11-year-old Nigerian Singer & Songwriter ‘Queeyano’ In Grandstyle (Photos)

When you talk about amazing talents that will take the African Entertainment industry far beyond it present boundaries, then 11-year-old Queeyano’s name will be listed gallantly. The young Nigerian started singing and writing songs at age 7. The beautiful songtress believes that Music choose her as an instrument to touch people’s life and be a voice for the women and children who have no voice. The prolific Songwriter, singer, and Humanitarian Agent Queeyano has over a dozen of recorded with top Nigerian Producers. Queeyano recently won NTA Lagos open mic…

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