Something Hooge Dey Come! Britts World Entertainment superstar TPlan set to drop a new madt single featuring Erigga

It’s no longer news that Britts World Entertainment superstar TPlan is the new kid on the block in the Nigerian Music Industry. The Anambra born and Lagos based artist cum producer has been delivering hits upon hits and yet seems to be very far from finished.

With the backing of his Germany based Record Label ? Britts World Entertainment, TPlan has been on almost everyone’s lips with his last three singles OleAnambra to Lekki and Choked Love gathering so much momentums as they have been rewarding loyal fans with cash gifts for participating in the dance challenge on instagram.

While fans are still enjoying and vibing to his last three singles online, TPlan and his label boss “Dezaddy Williams” has been going on club tours all over Nigeria hooking up with other top Nigerian Music stars and arranging collaborations as he’s all but ready to drop his first studio album.

Earlier this week, TPlan announced he will be dropping a new single featuring the pride of the South, Erigga. The song whose title is yet to be known will be TPlan’s fourth single of this year 2021 and another one to further prove his doubters wrong.

I have no doubt in my mind that TPlan and Erigga’s collaboration will be one of the most sort after jam when it is released. Kindly anticipate a sure dopie. Watch this space for more of TPlan’s Songs.

See photos of TPlan and Erigga taken during their hangout below…

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