Slimcase Unveils The Chronicles Of SaintSamiGanja With Stunning Photos

When rave of the moment Slimcase broke into the Nigerian music industry, he didn’t only make himself renowned with his hit making music but he introduced the ‘Saint Sami Ganja‘ slang.
It is no longer news that the slang ‘Saint Sami Ganja‘ is currently on everyone’s lips and it is also trending across all internet platforms and with it’s wildfire effect on fans around the world brings about a pressing question. What does Saint Sami Ganja mean?
In providing clarification to this puzzle that weighs heavy on the heart of the fans, Slimcase who released set of stunning pictures from his recent photo shoot explained that SaintSamiGanja depicts the contrast of life as two different sides of a coin.
He explains that Saint means HeavenGanja means HellSami means in between. therefore, it is a balance between the Good and the Badthe Truth and the LieLove and Hate.
Slimcase made the declaration in a grandiose fashion as he released a collection of ravishing pictures in different stunning outfits.
Photo by: Osbalt Photography
Styled by: Styled by Seun
See pictures below.

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