Nigerian bride appears unhappy during her Wedding ceremony, her groom tries to make her smile, but she didn’t…. thenshe reacts on social media (photos)

The day of your wedding, has to be the happiest moment in a woman’s life, same as the man.. But then, this wasn’t the case of a bride, who seemed unhappy at her tradtional wedding ceremony.

The bride identified as Duchess Alexis tied the knot to her herthrob, Domor Mienye, but then she appeared to have been provoked at the wedding, even her husband tried to “calm her down” by spraying her money, but that doesn’t seem like it worked.
Later on, she shared on Social Media that the Master of Ceremony (MC) “Did Her strong thing”.


“That Moment When The Bride Duchess Alexis Is Been Stubborn To Laugh For Her Husband My Paddi Domor Mienye So He Is Petting Her And Spraying Some Dollars On Her To Make Her Laugh Without She Still Not Laughing. But Only One Joke From MC/Comedian Endurance Keyamo Made Her To Laugh Like Never Before Congratulations Once More My Correct Pipo! read a caption to the photos.

The new wife (Duchess Alexis) reacted to the post by writing; “The MC do me strong thing I swear….”

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