”My daughter raped me” – 50 year old man who impregnated his daughter says

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Yesterday, we reported the story of a 50 year old man identified as Taiwo Oyelabi, who impregnated his 21 year old daughter at their home in Community Road, Badore, Iba in Lagos state.

Police investigations have revealed that Oyelabi, a private security guard, started having sex with his own daughter in November 2017.

He and the mother of the victim have separated and he was left with caring for her and her other siblings. The suspect drew the attention of his neighbor when he started to take the victim to his workplace everyday.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen while he was paraded at the state police command yesterday, Oyelabi blamed his daughter for luring him to commit the abomination.

According to him, his daughter raped him.

Mr. Taiwo said ;

”This is not ordinary. It is the work of the devil. But my daughter is also to blame because she raped me. She started by kissing me. The first time she did it, I was sleeping. I woke up and beat her and told her to stop it. I even took her to a white garment church for deliverance, where I was told to bring some things with which to prepare some spiritual bath for her to stop the act. I even went ahead to engage her in a nylon-making factory, yet she continued.

We did it five times. By the time she realised she was pregnant, she was over three months gone and there was nothing we could do about it. Besides, I am not the only one she has slept with. She also has a boyfriend. I believe her boyfriend is responsible for the pregnancy.

When I discovered she was pregnant, I tried to kill myself three times, but people stopped me. The first time, I tried to drink insecticide, but a neighbor stopped me. I later jumped into a well, but I was rescued alive. I wanted to take my life because this is not real. It was my landlord that reported me to the Police because I owe him”

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