MauriceStar’s “Coming With Dopeness EP” will definitely dominate your playlists.

MauriceStar a.k.a Dopeness finally drops his most anticipated debut EP “Coming With Dopeness” on his birthday 28/03/2021. He lays intense focus on lyrical meaning as every word in this EP is an output and mirror reflection of his deepest thought processes. “Coming With Dopeness” is strung together by 9 singles crafted off the finest sound engineering.
Considering the inclusion of 6 industry veteran producers, (in the order of track arrangements) Dr. Bean, Mykah, Soto-Eon, Dopeness, DJ YNot and Sidexbeats, Merged with a versatile skill set from MauriceStar as he has Recorded, Mixed and Mastered all songs in the EP. All songs were also Written, Arranged and Performed by MauriceStar except Track 4 which is written by MauriceStar & JulySingSong. It’s absolutely no surprise that this is such a well – balanced EP.
With a few months of touring the City and tapping a good grasp of the City’s surrounding coupled with day to day encounters, The multi talented artist has drawn inspiration from where it matters to him the most. This has played a crucial role in the creation of his EP and he can’t wait to share his perspective with the world.
IG/Twitter: @_mauricestar

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