Lililan Bitrus – Great Nation

Great Nation   Lililan Bitrus
Great Nation   Lililan Bitrus
Great Nation Lililan Bitrus
Nigerian gospel music minister, Lililan Bitrus drops her much anticipated brand new single titled “Great Nation”, a praise song a message from the holy Bible where God promise Abraham a great nation, is a song that will bless your life.
Lilian Bitrus is a lover of God she is also a worshipper and praiser of God, prolific song writer and a singer, the grace and passion to sing came into full manifestation by God’s grace till date.
Lilian Bitrus study at federal polytechnic Bida and went to Dunamis school of ministry Dusom kaduna
LYRICS: Great Nation – Lililan Bitrus
God promise Abram a great nation,
God promise Isaac a great nation,
God promise Jacob a great nation,
which God latter,
charge his name to Israel (2x).
Yeshua—yeshua (4x)
Israel became the first born of God our creator,
Israel became the root where we begot the the Jews,
Israel became believers which are called the Christian’s,
through them we got believers of Jesus (2x).
Yeshua— yeshua (4x)
Jesus became the saviour of the all world,
Jesus became Redeemer of the all world,
Jesus became the first begotten son,
through him we will have ever lasting life (2x).
Yeshua—yeshua (4x)
If you know your root is from Abram Isaac and Jacob who latter became Israel
Let us sing yeshua….
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