Introducing: “Connecttoby”, A Digital Agency that creates websites for businesses

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In this era of fast advancement in technology, a business can’t afford to ignore the potentials of technological advancements on its business. We at CONNECTTOBY intend to harness these potentials in creating online solutions for businesses and individuals to seamlessly link business up, reducing the redundancy of information and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data and information.


WHAT YOU NEED: Brand/Organizational Sites,  Personal Profile Website,  E-Commerce Site, Blogs, Web Portals, Social Networks and more. 
Additionally, we Re-Design, Code,  Re-Modify and Run Maintenance for already developed websites. 

We work with the following core technologies:
PHP: This is the serverside programming language that will handle all serverside requests and manipulation of data.
MySQL: This is the database engine that will be used to store all data in an optimised manner that is easy to retrieve and update.
HTML & CSS & JavaScript: These three technologies will be used for the user interface presentation and structure.
AJAX: This will be used for asynchronous server requests in specific areas of the portal
Linux: This is the operating system that will power the servers

Connect via: 
Instagram: connecttoby 
CALL & WHATSAPP: 08133296451

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