Infamous Twitter Fraudster, Pablo Ayodeji lands in fresh controversy @PabloAyodeji

Remember Pablo Ayodeji, the #KeepthechangeBae Guy, who went on to prove himself as a qualified con artist ?

Well, apparently the lad has got himself trending again (and it is for the wrong reason).

Pablo tweeted series of scary words suggesting he was about to take his own life, citing ‘being broke’ as his reason for suicidal thoughts.

Pablo tweeted at 7:07 PM on the 22nd of April ; I am dying tomorrow . So this is goodbye, he went on to tweet again ; I’ve made my decision already . Nothing anyone says is going to change mind. So you can all stop pretending you care. Thanks

Now if the first tweet did not receive attention, his second definitely started gaining attention, and some of his followers started saying that they cared and all.

Pablo then decided to deliver a final blow as he tweeted;

This is my final tweet. After 22 years on earth I’ve decided to call it quit. I can’t keep living this way ,I’ve been strong for so long and I’ve reached my breaking point . I realize now that dying is easy and living is hard. And I’ve chosen the easy way out. Goodbye

The series of tweets no longer seemed funny, so concerned Nigerians slided into his DM, and then Pablo seemingly seized the opportunity to send his account number in order to receive money , LOL ..

Pablo, seeing that the shook tables had broken, defended himself by tweeting ;

I was broke and suicidal and someone offered me money making me reconsider and now I’m a scammer cause of that ??

So I should have turned down money I needed or what?? The things y’all do for a couple of retweets I didn’t message anyone for money they messaged me offering money

Here’s a little Biography of Pablo Ayodeji


Iyá Lájè Of Lagos@newscantell

Biography of Pablo Adedeji

“His Journey From

Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji is a Nigerian famous tweep known by the name Pablo Ayodeji(@Pabloayodeji). He is from Ibadan and an undergraduate of University of Ibadan.

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