“I cannot date a lady who wears wig” — Paddy Adenuga

Right now, the trending topic on Social Media has got folks stating their standards, and telling the attributes and characters of a person they cannot date.
Toke, a social media user previously said she cannot date a guy who earns N100,000 salary on a monthly basis, apparently, she feels the money is too small, and cannot sort out things..
Now, Billionaire son, Paddy Adenuga has set his own standard, and has said there’s no way in heaven he’d date a lady wears wigs or lacefronts.
He wrote on Twitter: “I can’t date you if you wear wigs or lacefronts.. never! I have standards and I refuse to compromise”
Following his declaration, women replied denouncing their wigs. Some even went as far as saying they have never seen wigs in their lives before.

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