Covy Tee Profile

Covy Tee Profile

Real Name: Tigidankay Sesay

Stage Name: Covy Tee

Label: Stack Town Records

More Details

Covy Tee  is a Sierra Leonean born and Belgium based Artist/Entertainer.

She might not be the most talented nor sought for now…but she have that drive and dedication

!Hook me up! she said to ray blaze the Nigerian eu talented singer/producer.

And ever since,the Stack Town Recording artist has been unfolding and making the fans curious of wat she has coming.

*Sweet* is CovyTee first single,  it is a mid tempo Afrobeat with a very beautiful melodies produced by Young Og and mixed and mastered by RayBlaze.

The self titled song best describes the artist as everything she said in the song as a true definition of her.curves,beauty and brains.with her dedication and hard work,we are sure

CovyTee* is definitely one to look out for



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