#BBNaija – Day 18: Poking the bear, winning the wager and more highlights

Did you watch day 18 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?
If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!The Wager is Won
Today was a good day for the Housemates, obviously all their effort paid off because they finally won their first Wager.
The Presentation
After days of intently rehearsing their play, Angel egging them on every step of the way, Khloe asserting her authority as HoH and compliance from most of the Housemates, victory was finally theirs. The play was an illustration of a very typical Nigerian situation, something that would happen every day and with gusto, they managed to pull it off. Everyone went the whole hog, from costumes, to music and a clear effort, there was no way the Housemates were losing again. They won their 50% Wager and a roar of ecstatic cheer lit up the room.
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Just before the Housemates found out about their win, Biggie called out Lolu and Cee-C for their obvious bad behavior. They were both scolded and given a double strike which left many of the other Housemates gobsmacked. As the celebration reigned, both Cee-C and Lolu stood still with dead pan looks on their faces. Shook to their core.
A time of Joy
Aside from the obvious shock over the incident with Lolu and Cee-C the rest of the Housemates were absolutely overjoyed with their win. It was much needed as this is their first time inning a Wager and after two losses in a row, endless challenges and mounting tension, this is the motivation the needed to get their heads back in the game. Khloe was noticeably elated as the Wager was won under her rule as HoH.
Cee-C & Lolu poke the bear
It has been a tenuous few days since the reshuffling of pairs but Cee-C and Lolu have finally taken it too far, warranting a double Strike from Biggie.
Breaking Point
Following a stern address, Cee-C and Lolu have just received two Strikes each. Big Brother also gave instruction for them to be paired together indefinitely.
The fact that Cee-C and Lolu were unhappy about being bonded together was plain as day, but the happenings of yesterday have finally caught up with them. They had a tenuous day with ups and downs, arguments and incontrovertible strain, Cee-C and Lolu literally snapped. The reason was simple; she wanted to sit down and he didn’t. Cee-C pulled the sofa towards herself and slumped herself on the couch, to do this however, she released the pair’s harness which literally snapped and Lolu was left worse for the wear after the wire recoiled back to him, giving a blow to his thigh. Needless to say, only an explosive argument ensued, and no apologies were issued. This exhibit of defiance is what landed both the Housemates in the proverbial dog box with Biggie giving them both a two-Strike warning. Biggie was not happy saying “Your actions almost baffle Big Brother.”
Actions and Consequences
The week’s theme is “Bonding” and Cee-C and Lolu could not have acted in a more paradoxical way, hence the two-Strike warning. This means that if they step one more toe out of line, they will be Disqualified, and ushered out of Biggie’s House for good. The two rambunctious Housemates are now forced to learn how to work together as Biggie has made it clear that they will be a pair indefinitely. In a twist, Biggie has spared their current strategic partners (Tobi and Anto) from the punishment!
Going Forward
Most of the other 24-hour pairs in the House did their best to adapt to their new situations and for a brief moment, it really looked like Cee-C and Lolu were bonding so why did they let their moods get the better of them? A move will have a huge impact on whether Lolu and Cee-C stay in the House and survive evictions. Both the Housemates should have tried their best to get through the challenge of being tied together but then again, sometimes you can’t fight the way you feel.
Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 18 activities?

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