Demand justice for Popi and Bongeka – on behalf of Amnesty International


We are Thembelihle and Mdu, and we’re both from South Africa. But we’re united by more than our nationality: a devastating act of gender-based violence took the lives of two people very close to us.

In 2017, two girls, Popi and Bongeka, hailed a minibus taxi headed for a night out at the mall. They never made it there. They were fatally shot and it was too late to save their lives when their bodies were found.

Popi was my sister (Thembelihle). Bongeka was my cousin (Mdu). They were young, intelligent and kind women. Their lives should not have ended like this.

But in South Africa, and in so many other countries, it’s not unusual for crimes of gender-based violence to be met with total impunity.

Please ask the authorities in South Africa for it to be different this time, and for the culprit(s) to be prosecuted.
This year, Popi and Bongeka’s story is part of Amnesty’s Write for Rights campaign, in which people like you sign thousands of petitions, write numerous solidarity messages and stand together to fight for justice around the world.

Please get involved and take action for Write for Rights now.

Together our actions have power.

Thembelihle and Mdu, on behalf of Amnesty International


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