Joseph Shaibu – My star

My Star is a Smooth jazz Music by Joseph Shaibu, a blend of saxophone and vocals. It can be simply defined as a love story told by the saxophone and interpreted by vocals. Learn more about Joseph Shaibu by visiting @josephshaibutv on Instagram and twitter. @Joseph Shaibu on YouTube and Facebook to enjoy more inspiring contents.
Like the darkness of night,
So it seemed I was blind,
Worried about my life,
Nothing seemed to be right,
So you came in with light,
Like the stars in the sky,
Girl I can not deny,
That you are my true star..
My Star you are
with you around
I can see clearly
Now I sing melody
My Star you are
with you in my life
I think I’m ready
We can make harmony.
I’ve been waiting for so long
To be sure that you’re not wrong
But now that I am sure
We can match on to the church..

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