movie alert “the ip” Nollywood producer FELIX ADAMS is set To produce a mind blowing movie Titled “THE IP”

the Nollywood industry should be more concern towards the rate of scammers in Nigeria.

movie making is not all about making money from production but making society better through our written or virtual communication.

it became a clear note that a movie is not worth showing if it does not entertain, inform and educate.

So GOLDMIND FILMS has decided to embark on this movie titled  “THE IP”

every device has its IP (internet protocol) as it was generated in 1976. with an IP (internet protocol) we can be able to track any conversation from any location in the www (world wide web) so Jessy at his sixty decided to create a software that can track both VPN (virtual private network) and the IP (internet protocol) Which became a threat to hackers and scammers.

watch out for this movie. I promise you will love it.

contact Goldmind films here Instagram

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