Young Thug Reportedly Released From Jail

Young Thug has been ordered to take drug tests twice a week.

We were all surprised to hear that Young Thug was sent back to prison last week. Reports said that he failed a drug test, which in turn violated his probation. He had spent a few days in the slammer and it’s now being reported that he’s out of jail.


Many of us were praying for his immediate release as his peers spoke out on social media. Stars like T.I., Meek Mill, and his best friend Lil Uzi Vert all reacted to the news, hoping he would soon be able to go home. Finally, that time has come but it may not be as sweet as it sounds. According to an NBC affiliate, Thugger is expected to undergo treatment for substance abuse. On top of that, he’ll need to take random drug tests every week. He will also need to check in with his probation officer more frequently.


In court, Thug sounded regretful, saying, “I’m sorry for disobeying the court. I’m sorry for disobeying my PO and being here again. I just want to go home with my family and do right.” Jeffery’s lawyer says that the rapper punished himself throughout his short stint in jail, refusing to eat or drink for the first 48 hours. He was mostly isolated during his stay.


Hopefully, the artist can stay out of trouble on a longterm basis. He’s finally free to see his kids and all is well for now.

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