DGeniux – Active

You know how its said that music is the window to the soul? Well here’s a peek into what eccentric Afro-fusion hit slinger, *DGeniux’s* insides look like.
*”ACTIVE”* is a subtle declaration of the firm wits possessed by the talented singer, unwavered in his resolve by whatever energy he faces, negative or positive. DGeniux shows us a bit of his intrinsic nature on this track, to always go for the ball, irrespective of the negative reception he picks up from situations and persons along the way.
As usual, *”DGee”* structures his message in consisely orchestrated series of pitches and rhythmic melody, soothing as it is satisfyingly relatable.
*”ACTIVE”* is a must listen to anyone that loves beautiful music, with the content to back it up. Download and Enjoy.

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