Lately I have been having baby fever’ Rosa Vero finally unvail her pregnancy for the american basket ball player Bob Wagner

@RosaVero late post on Facebook

Lately I have been having baby fever, looking at how cute Bob is, I really want to see how our Baby is gonna turn out hehehe. But Lord, when I think about the morning sickness, the 9 months of carrying another human, oh and my Vagina, especially my Vagina 😆 the thoughts just fade away fast. Truth be told Kids are cute and all but they are also a burden. I applause us Women o. Wangrain Angel don confuse mi, ar don think for ker am back to e granny tay, way normor ar go miss am pasmak back jisnor. So Yh if I’m ever going to have another baby, Money for don day borku borku wan, possibly getting a surrogate 😆😆😆😆
On a serious note though ladies, “born pikin” shouldn’t be a competition, children aren’t cheap. Think, think before having them. Also think about your vagina because me, I really love mine o. Gonna take awhile before I even consider again, in fact😆😆😆😆
Here are a few things:
Do not have a child because your friends are having. Childbearing isn’t a competition.
If he ask you to not use protection when you are not ready, he is enemy number one 😆
Condoms, condoms and more condoms if they look thin and might break, double them🤷🏻‍♂
Put yourself First Ladies, pregnancy is carried by one person and we know who. Sometimes when a breakup happens those so-called lover boys will disappear and leave you with the burden.
When you have a child, you’ve got a responsibility for a very long time, your body changes, your brain and attention is diverted. Sometimes growth and financial stability slows down especially for people like me that want our kids to have it all 😆😆😆😆and most especially us from developing countries like Sierra Leone. Poverty is still a challenge. Ladies pls Make sure you are Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially ready before you start kicking out them babies. Think o!!

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