Fast Raising act T Ray dollarsign Narrates how he begs for Transportation to go to shows and still get insulted

Am loosing hope
Thinking about all what am going through in the music industry makes me cry , thinking of how I use to  trek to shows when there’s no transport money or how i use to trek to different clubs begging them to host me just for a night to perform and still some will end up insulting me it as not been easy but still am giving it all it takes because music is the  only thing that makes me happy and the only thing I can do perfect am giving music all my time and attention and I can’t even count how many fake management or record labels that has scamed me in the name of getting signed or staying under thier label,each time I see top artist’s performing on stage I use to cry because I always wish like I should be the one  that’s performing I no am not suppose to post this but am getting frustrated and I can’t take it anymore I really love music I really wanna make it with music 😓

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