Music: Scrip -T ft Junior PSL – Mouth Okro

VGMA 2018 Unsung Act nominee Scrip-T has premiered a new song for naysayers titled ‘Mouth Okro’
which features Junior PSL; Produced by Dj Banky.
The song opens up with a string-tone where the singer starts with a popular saying in Twi which
translates ‘if you don’t praise me, don’t badmouth me’.
Mouth Okro talks about how friends, family and on-lookers tend to always find fault in what you do
without acknowledging the positive things you have done for them or others.
Scrip-T made is a point to make the song as relatable as possible with verses in English, Twi and pidgin to
reach a wider audience.
Rapper Junior PSL comes in with a different but interesting vibe to make the song a perfect one of its
Scrip-T is signed to AJ Records and had a good year in the latter part of 2018 with his banger ‘Gimme
Joy’ which featured rapper Strongman.
Mouth Okro was mixed and mastered by Redemption Beatz.







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