I Left My Medical Pratice For Acting Nollywood Actor Emmanuel Okonkwo popularly known as Emma chinedum reveals

I left my medical practice to join ACTING, when I discovered that ACTING has become my daily activities, I decided to go into it fully and since then it becomes a source of happiness for me, I mean it a thing I find pleasure in doing. most especially when people watch my movie and I have a call  from them and have a positive comment. It gives me joy that living medical practice wasn’t regretting because there is nothing that gives joy like putting smile or laughter on someone’s face.

What is that movie that brought you to the limelight?

Although I have done a series of jobs. the one that brought me out to the world was
It becomes so clear to me that whatever your role you’re given in a movie, make sure you put all your best. After the release of MY KIDS AND I, the countless movie has starred me and makes me get to know by this name “NOLLYWOOD GATEMAN a.k. a  ALOYSIUS ..

What are your challenges when you started.?

Quitting my medical practice wasn’t an easy one especially leaving the “pay Check” but I have to do it.
At then, financially I was down. I always need money for location movement and that alone was my biggest challenge.




yes,  before I quit my job I was borrowing time to go to auditions and location it got to a point it became obvious to me I can’t combine these to professional because they need my time I started thinking of business do start that will give me my time, then I registered my own company MEMSHACK MEDICS in 2009 it is a company that have been known for IMPORTATION, SUPPLY AND MAINTENANCE OF ALL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CONSUMABLES AND SERVICES both to private  diagnostic Centre and that government, I mean we have numerous costumers in 36 state Nigeria with great recommendation
So I am still into medical practices.


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