I can Act more than Regina Daniels Fast rising nollywood actress EDITH HANSON Says.

in the 247latest interview today with the fast rising actress EDITH HANSON, ” i can act much more than the  so called Regina Daniels’’  she said

My name is Edith Hanson born in 1996 at ikot udo ika in Akwa ibom state Nigeria,  the first daughter  from  the family of Ibe Ogbonna Hanson

acting to me is  a daily life thing , facing the camera was never a first time thing to me.


Why do you said you can act much more than the  so called Regina Daniels ?

regina daniel started her career at seven. Her first work was ‘Marriage of Sorrow’ (2007) which means if she could be at the industry all this years without being starred in cinema standard jobs, that means she is not a good actor.

every man  or woman should have an improvement , if you’re not having improvement in your career then it’s not worth calling career.

So how long have you being in the industry?

i have being in the industry for 2 years, not just 2 years but 2 years with improvement.

how many jobs have you done?

i have done series of jobs, few to mention are . TUKI, PUSH,SEED OF GREED,THE FLOWER, THE PRICE, PAIN OF SACRIFICE, THE SURVIVAL and many more.


do you sometimes have challenges while on set?

Yes but i do not called them challenges it’s called stepping stones , the more it comes the more i get better and stronger.

so how you relax ?

music is life, whenever  i’m done on set i go to my lounge and hear good to get myself ready for the next day.

are you having fear of this getting to Regina Daniels ?

absolutely not, if it gets to her and she thinks she is better than me let get paired on set.

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