The amalgamation of three large regions containing between 250 and 300 or more ethnic groups including an estimated 500 languages, happened exactly 104 years ago in 1914 by British colonial representative Sir Frederick Lugard also known as Lord Lugard, the name ‘Nigeria’ came from his wife Flora Louise Shaw fondly and officially called Lady Lugard who later passed on in 1925 leaving her husband a broken man who never got over her death.
I shall be skipping the monotonous drab of recounting our journey as a nation from independence in 1960, acquisition of the republic status in 1963, the first military coup in 1966 and subsequent ones of which we’ve had 9 of them so far on these historical dates:
January 1966,ย  July 1966, 1975, 1976, 1983, August 1985, The alleged Vatsa coup of December 1985, the 1990 coup and the 1993 coup which saw the late Abacha overthrowing Babangida to become the succeeding military head of state.
I shall also be politely skipping the Nigerian civil war, a dark patch in Nigeria’s historic fabric, a truly unnecessary war, totally uncalled for, it lasted for over 3 years between 6 July 1967 to 15 January 1970. This singular event has deepened the rift between ethnic and arguably religious lines till date.
No thanks to those parents who continue to pass down bias tribal narratives to their children without considering the great harm they will be causing future generations. I shall temporarily divorce this angle of our misfortune as a nation…
My main focus is on our current state of the nation and everything we have lost that we could still regain if we put our minds to it. Top of the list would be TRUST, oh we’ve lost trust, in the system, in politicians, in fellow citizens, in everything Nigerian…
๐Ÿ“ŒTrust can diminish and die once disappointment becomes the norm, it can only be cured by performance and results nothing else. Politicians must do better, enough of the lies, deception and gimmicks, recycling same promises over and over every time it’s campaign season.
It is an unforgivable embarrassment and disgrace that a rich nation such as Nigeria with countless natural resources in commercial quantities still has over 87 million poor citizens, the largest amount of poor people in a single country in the world, this was according to recent survey quoted by British Prime Minister, Teresa May during her 2018 visit to South Africa before coming to Nigeria, something we have all known long before she read the report.
Politicians must do better, the cost of living in Nigeria was not always this bad, mismanagement and misappropriation got us where we are now.
๐Ÿ“ŒPATIENCE is another thing we have lost as a people, everyone is in a hurry because of the lack of trust in the process, since basic amenities are scarce, citizens try to provide it by themselves for themselves and many would do almost anything including breaking the law to meet up with the bills.
Poverty attracts crime, the higher the poverty rate the higher the crime and corruption rate these factors are linked, the best way to fight crime and corruption is the fight poverty, anything else is going to be a waste of time, a waste period!
The average Nigerian today considers money first before anything, this can be quite damaging as many endeavours can’t be measured in terms of financial gains while others simply remain numb to the vein measurement of money.
How do you determine the character of a wife beater before marriage or a terrible company based on how much they pay? Bottom line cash does not always points one towards the right direction or best choices but due to the economical hardship many still go for cash flow in decision making only to regret later.
SURE THERE ARE Some GOOD ACHIEVEMENTS BY BOTH GOVERNMENT AND CITIZENS ALIKE, my focus is not on those crumbs, we need more, we should be doing more as a people and a nation in 2018.
I refuse to celebrate crumbs, call me ungrateful you’re probably part of the problem… Yes I said it!
We need better SCHOOLS, better HOSPITALS, better JOB OPPORTUNITIES, EMPOWERMENT, LOANS, better pay for workers!
NIGERIA HAVE GOT THIS MONEY! STOP LYING TO US! Stop it! We know! We are not fools!
I am ashamed of the majority of politicians, I mean how do you sleep at night? Look at people in your constituencies suffering and all you care about is reelection? Shame!!
I can’t… I just can’t, you need to do better, far better, you will not remain in office for ever and karma will hunt you and your family members, it’s signed and sealed.
Where do I start from? Is it the killings that has suddenly reduced because of election? The way hospitals still reject victims because of police report in 2018 or the way some careless police officers have wasted human lives over 50 naira?
Should I talk about human sacrifice for money? Politicians, various classes of people or the popular Yahoo Boys and how many of them kill their girlfriends for money jazz? It think I’ll pass… I don’t have the stomach.
Religion is a neutral tool which can be used for both great good and for great evil depending on who is wilding it per time. While many have used religion to bring about great good, many have become lazy waiting for miracles where they should get up and work. We have the brains and the abilities but we’re waiting for angels to come do our work for us.
For those who sell their votes, you all need to be kept in a zoo, those who buy the votes, should be kept in the same zoo with them those who do not vote at all should please excuse yourself from Nigeria why are you here? You better not complain about anything since you don’t want to do anything about it when given the chance.
I will stop here… I’m still in a grateful Mood and I intend to keep it that way… I know I have not covered all the areas of concern but let me stop here.
Nigeria is still a great nation regardless.
Big shout out to everyone making the country proud and positively putting us on the world map, continue, we are manyโœŒ๐Ÿผ
Peace, love and light
Happy Independence ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฌ
Sunday Sonar Imonah
๐Ÿ“ธย ๐Ÿฆย @FirstSonarย โœŒ๐Ÿผ

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