Download Prince Enaoro-KABIOSI

Enaoro was born in Lagos on the 29th Nov 1972, he is from Edo state-Nigeria. He is the 3rd born and the 1st son in the family of 6 children.
Enaoro attended his primary school in marocco, Lagos but could not further his education due to the untimely death of his Father.
He then went in to shoe making which he did for years but in 1998 he met with the Lord and he gave his life to Jesus.
That same year he joined the choir where is musical career began.
In 2000 he began to write songs, performing from Church to church, Christian music concert and blessing lives with his songs. In 2002 he released his first single titled JESUS YOU BE MY OGA which really touched the lives of many, and has since then release other singles.
Presently he just released is latest single titled KA BI O SI ( unquestionable God) that is already receiving attention from many.
He never allowed his disability to keep him down, he is a courageous and a positive minded person.



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