My Song Ege (Dribble) is better than others Shaku-Shaku out there. @DANNYSIJA brags

My name is Ojo Daniel Olaborode while my stage name is Danny S .I’m a Performing artist, I was born in Lagos Nigeria on November 11 1995 a native of Ekiti State and I grew up in Iju Ishaga Mainland Lagos state, Nigeria. My interest in music was established at Tender Age when I was in a music group with my friends. Music has always been a prominent part of my life.
    My love for music has been for some years back but  recorded my first track Shengbenne in the year 2013 For as long as I can remember I have had a very deep passion for Music. A passion that was accompanied by a burning ambition to succeed, and even that ambition was enough to make any sacrifices that were necessary to ensure I would always perform at my best. After building a career in the music industry, albeit at grass roots level, it is now time for me to progress and take the next step on the ladder. I’m an independent artist, But if must tell you the truth, the promotion of music is not easy but let’s give thanks to God. My musics Is a messages to all Classes of life. My New Single EGE will offer me the chance to explore new areas of the industry, specifically composition, Film & TV and the Music industry.  My Song Ege (Dribble) is different from others Shaku-Shaku sound out there,    it’s unique and Classic.  I’m dropping EGE musical video Soon which is directed by Unlimited LA
   Music is something I feel very passionate about, my experience in various areas of the industry has fed this passion and I am very keen to strive towards a career in this very area. Although being years of age I’m pushing myself as far as need be to achieve where I want to be in the future. I appreciate all the Dj’s and OAP’s playing my song, big shoutout to my fans let’s keep the fire burning.
Instagram: @dannys9ja
Twitter: @dannys9ja
Facebook- Danny S Iyoo

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